Outline of “PVJapan2017”

Exhibition Overview


Japan’s Photovoltaic (PV) energy market, which has been growing rapidly since the nation launched the Feed-in Tariff Scheme (FIT Scheme) in 2012, is just about to enter a new penetration stage due to the Revised FIT Act as well as the Japanese government’s Electricity System Reform initiative.

Moreover, at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21), member states agreed to conclude the Paris Agreement, meaning that the international community has taken a major step forward towards de-carbonization via renewable energy sources. In these circumstances, Photovoltaic energy, a precious purely-domestic energy source, will continue to grow further in importance.

PVJapan2017 to be organized by the Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA) will provide exhibitors with excellent business matching opportunities. Moreover, their highly unique exhibits will likely provide not only industry professionals but also the many ordinary citizens with a great opportunity to understand the bright future and the promise of Photovoltaic energy.

We at JPEA very much hope many companies and organizations will participate in PVJapan2017 as exhibitors.

Atsuhiko Hirano Chairman,JPEA(Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association)

JPEA (Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association)

Since 1987, JPEA (Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association) has been striving for the promotion of PV and the growth of the business. JPEA membership consists of a wide range of 135 companies and organizations (As of Jun. 6, 2017) concerning PV business, including cell and module manufacturers, general contractors, distributors, electricity, public utility corporation, etc.


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