Organization and the main activities

Organization and the main activities

Organizational chart

Organizational chart




Technical Information committee

Collection of technical information related to PV power generation systems and discussion and submission of proposals on technical issues including standardization.

Statistics committee

Conducting of quarterly surveys on solar cell and module shipment volume, an important indicator for the Japanese PV power generation industry.

New Energy Planning committee

Support of various public councils, submission of policy proposals, and liaison with related organizations.

Residential Use committee

Promotion and raising awareness of residential-use PV power generation systems and improvement of marketing and installation practices.

Certification of Qualified Installers committee

Conducting of studies on the establishment of a certification system for qualified installers aimed at improving the quality of PV power generation systems.

Public and Industrial Use committee

Addressing of issues and promotion of measures aimed at expanding the market for PV power generation systems for use in public and industrial facilities and provision of information to construction industry representatives to promote the integration of PV systems with construction materials.

International Operations committee

Make contribution for enhancing the development of Japanese PV industry through research on trends in solar power generation in each region of the world, which has begun to spread widely by virtue of technological innovation and policies to promote the spread of each country’s government, cooperation with overseas affiliates and providing information to both inside and outside the country.

Public Relations committee

Dissemination of information through the JPEA webpage, newsletter, and magazine Hikari Hatsuden, and by sponsoring events such as PV Japan and PV Systems Symposium.

Industrial Vision committee

Formulation of a vision for the PV power generation industry. JPEA published vision statements in 2002, 2006, and most recently, a vision statement in 2010 titled JPEA PV Outlook 2030.

Recycling committee

Conducting of preliminary research regarding the recycling of PV systems

High Density Interconnection committee

Collection of information and conducting of technical research on issues that arise and on measures necessary when high volumes of PV power are used on electric power grids